“Am I Curled in a Dream?” ~by Linda Willows

The entry to Love gained my heart in a flush;
Simple, as blossom pulls all in warm rush.
No prayer to ask or reason why;
Just a tear, that forgoes all seasons gone by.

Hands quiver like feathers raised far and unseen.
Can it be that I Love- am I curled in a dream?
Tender the moment. Let sweetness last mine.
I am swelled, heart propelled into Love’s might divine.

©2012 Linda Willows



11 thoughts on ““Am I Curled in a Dream?” ~by Linda Willows

  1. ….I must understand for I found myself holding my breath through the last beautiful line. I love this, Linda. Truly a masterpiece of love and feeling. ~ Bobbie


  2. So sweet of you to wonder about how I was doing. Was fundraising/PR in my local community for important causes. So glad to be back with you guys! Love this one that makes me feel enfolded in loving arms right now!


  3. This is so beautiful, my friend – I feel curled into the love in your words … have a wonderful day! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  4. Linda, I’m only repeating what others have said, but this is truly a divine work of art and I feel totally embraced in the love that flows through your lines~xoxo


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