“We step, each one, so near to Thou” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

Love floods our reach in a unity now…
We step, each one, so near to Thou
No breach nor break could ever allow
Our One Hearts’ Life ache more than to bow.

We fall before all who came before
The Shining Ones; all footprints fore.
Such Legion’s reap for all to pour
Oh might, take heart, my own; the core.

©2012 Linda Willows



(photo credit: Suren Manevelyan)


14 thoughts on ““We step, each one, so near to Thou” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

      1. Love You Too …..:)
        You are such a UN kind of lady – mixed with that beautiful spirituality …………………..
        I have read your background a bit …. Not enough !
        I think what comes across so much with You is that you are strong and soft – that is why i personally gravitate to You xo


  1. So beautiful, Linda. As I was reading this it felt like I was reading the words of a hymn; to be sang reverently. x


  2. Beautiful, inspirational words, my dear friend, that flow from your heart with such pure grace – I love this. Have a wonderful day! ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  3. I love this, Linda. When love has joined spirits in a sacred and angelic unity, the purpose of life has been revealed to those who are aware; they are no longer anything more than new boundaries of the same destiny; wings of the same spirit. Love gives us back to each other. So so beautiful…. ~ Love, Bobbie


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