“Love does Wake” ~Inspiration with Linda Willows

Light precedes to mark our way;
As beacon lit throughout each day.
Deep compassion’s Love does wake.
Here, Into-Through; and for All of our sake.

©2012 Linda Willows



13 thoughts on ““Love does Wake” ~Inspiration with Linda Willows

  1. I marvel at scientist who talk of quanta, and waves, and the vacuum of empty space. They say that next to Einstein ‘s bed was a tattered copy of the Secret Doctrine, I have to believe it’s true, his work could only proceedfrom being touched by the Holy Spirit, that he knew e=mc2 was the formula for that Spirit, that Love fills the vacuum of space, whether we deny it does not make it less real.


  2. Linda, your words are as stunning as this beautiful, peaceful photo … just lovely, my friend. ~ Love to you, Julie xoxox


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