“My Heartbeat Breathes Near, and then again, Far” ~by Linda Willows

Within the petals of deep keep,
My heart rests; soul does seek.
All abides with such peace
In the mend of Love’s Reach.

Warm remembrance of nights
Enshrouded by Your safe Light.
I seek heaven’s sacred view
And find sparkles in the bliss of dew.

Are the small and the bright,
same seed as star galaxy light?
Breath from soul of a rose
entwined with mine in sacred repose.

I feel that the All, the Entire-
is Heart of Love’s most
Vast and wondrous Empire.

Wrap me in a rose, a rainbow or a star
My heartbeat breathes Near,
and then again, Far.

©2012 Linda Willows


(photo credit: Korinna Kerenyi)


8 thoughts on ““My Heartbeat Breathes Near, and then again, Far” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Dearest Linda ~ There is no finer thread than those that connect one heart to another (to many). Regardless of where we go or the number of our years, always there are reminders of other times (other touch). Time passes, yet we watch and wait, thinking that maybe somewhere (one day) we will find that moment again. Whatever the universe held in that moment, a web is created. There are days when my memories surround me, and others, all it takes is the smell of rain or the warmth of the breeze against my skin ~ and I am there again. Thank you for understanding that which makes us all one. ~ Much love, Bobbie


  2. Nature is the sweetness of Divine creation, what is shared are complete works of love to soothe our inner spirit and nature! As we taste of, breathe of and embrace their essences we enrich our spirits with His love! For as God creates and share, nature blossoms in his view and praises Him with their beauty, thus sharing its glory with those who hold it dear!. A beautiful view of love and life being shared! Awesome poem Linda!


  3. Ooooh, my dear friend, this one takes my breath away – how absolutely exquisitely written! I absolutely love, “Breath from soul of a rose” … this is truly divine! I love this! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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