“Glory Brights” ~Inspirational Photo Gallery, shared from Linda Willows

I am happy to share a beautiful collection of “Whites”, glorious photos that are bright, inspiring and uplifting! Love Linda…(click to the site to see photo “slideshow!”)

…..Much gratitude to all for support, reading, love shares, and the sheerest glance at all! Joy Today, Love reach each Heart!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8 thoughts on ““Glory Brights” ~Inspirational Photo Gallery, shared from Linda Willows

    1. thanks! did you get the message that I wasn’t able to comment on your blog yesterday? Couldnt’ figure it out…Love Linda, Glad that you like these; I could see some just for you in there!


    2. I retrieved 2 of your messages from my spam, but may have missed some … why after all this time are messages going into spam? I can’t figure that one out either. There are some exquisite pictures here, and I can already feel the inspiration! ~ Love, Julie xox


  1. Amazing…….initimate……..solitude………beauty…….breath. Those are the words that come to me through these photos. Thanks for sharing, Linda. ~ Much love, Bobbie


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