“A Bounty of Tenderness” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

May our voices hush lest some stirring or word
defeat one heart, hope or someone’s dream heard.
Needs we all share for tender touch and love’s feed,
are found forever in the Ocean of Soul’s Freed.

Lift us free, simple, with sweet and kind touch.
Quiet our core to the hum of life’s rush.
Fill us again, this day, tomorrow, and more
with a bounty of Tenderness, to receive and restore.

©2012 Linda Willows


7 thoughts on ““A Bounty of Tenderness” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. Talk, talk, talk … few realize the absolute girt of speech, and truly how our words can disturb the medium – the ether, or create, joy, love, music …
    The reminder – the prayer to give us quiet and calm in our lives, for us to remember to create it for ourselves is so vital to saving our souls …
    You speak in such full quatrains …


    1. yes, I can see that you understand both the power of word, substance and silence…more. (the ether..manifest) and that we own each word that we have spoken (or not). We so deeply need the Silence that allows deeper being and peace to fill our Spiritual lungs with purified Air. Thanks for your insights, pleasure to speak with you, Linda


  2. …in the stillness of a breath, another world becomes….no bluer than the song I’ve yet to sing…..babies ease as crying stops…all the world awake……and for the space of moments, eternity is in this place……… I love this, Linda. Your soul surely sings!!!! ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. Beautiful, peaceful words, dear Linda … a moment of tranquility that I can truly appreciate. This is lovely. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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