We are Soul Scribes, All…. from Linda Willows

Welcome to a New Page on HeartWinds called…
We are Soul Scribes, All…

Many, including myself, write of Life’s Meaning, of Wisdom, Truth and Teachings on Life. I join them but must comment. I do have an ability to tap into a source deeper than my own to revere and embrace a flow of wisdom, honed and offered as service for over 40 years. I also have a passion to write, a joy- for all of my years, which now put me in the sixty range delightfully.

My statement is, that I freely acknowledge that could never “own” my writings and also feel that it would be separative to claim that I, alone was the Source. It would be like saying that I am my own Creator, that I caused my first breath and that my inhalation was my creation. I cannot. What ego could dream itself as creator, destroyer, and Source wrapped in cloak of Creative Force all it’s Own….

I love to write with embrace to life’s meaning and core. I sense a unity and draw towards the weaves of Family that we each share. As One Heart, I write to Love. They pour from my heart as it Spins throughout in Joy, Longing, Sacred Tears and all that we each find when we seeks the Depths. I often feel tears of delight when all lifts just right!

I feel that I, for one must not claim or grasp “ownership” of the Wisdom Teachings or revelation of Core Truths as one’s own. We cannot Own Nature or The Presence. We are, and live in a universe founded upon such Wonders, yet we are not the source with exception of Identity, ultimately merged, emerged as the sun of Divine. We enter the Sacred with no “Possessions”, with one Belonging, our Love, in Offering. What is this world, do we Possess? And do we possess what we leave behind anyway?? Is that an illusion?

All inherit the source and portal to the eternal Truths with the substance of our first breath. It lives within, our destiny to find Its reflection in Our selves and our World. The most Ancient Teachings belong to All civilizations, and cultures of humanity, including the influences of present day “truth” revelations and “The Ways”. What we “copyright” are the words, the script that graciously has come through our vessels, those then crafted for the page. That, a joy and a passion to be grateful for.

Call the translation of energy, inspiration, Source and transmission the Art of creating word to represent flow, message, image and to impart all from within heart. I witness that the evolution of Creation is ever sending Inspired Messages and Teaching, Old and New to the genuine “Listeners” of the World. Thus we speak such similar language, theme and with such passion.

I think to myself; I am a writer, copying That, Owned by the Source that I sense from my Heart, my Soul and my Life. If I begin to think that I possess something or Own it at all, then I have lost the beauty of the creative process. That created must be released, not stamped by ego as “mine”, but ever given with credit to the flow which lent its light to one’s world with the flight of a pen.

If you don’t believe in a thing such as “Truth” or “Eternity”, “Source” or even a “Oneness”, then this page has been in vain, one cannot use words when “meaning” is arbitrarily and selectively lifted out or titled to self-created illusion and emptied to a reality ruled by ego. This path ultimately leads to it’s own self-determined void. Yet, perhaps in stillness, one finds the Same, for in solitude with Ego, Spirit Arises as the Sun would challenge the night. We are all, same, loved; caressed and found as One by The awakening Bright.

I, would though, much rather live in a “Now of Being with trust, surrender and leaps into song of “Joy, Joy, Joy”, or praise with “Jai, Jai, Jai”; blessings with “Shalom”, or “Barakallah” and “Salaam”- and fall into ecstasy as I listen to “Ode to Joy”, “Amazing Grace” or hum the sweet distance of an “ancient chant”.

You will see me falling to my knees on a hilltop with gratitude to our Creator, I would give thanks for our lives- hearts that feel, for purpose and meaning, freedom of expression and the ability to Love and caress each simple wonder that is in us, with us and pressing at our hearts. We are All soul scribes. It is fathomed by how deeply, and humbly, we listen.


©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Kamil Kamal)


16 thoughts on “We are Soul Scribes, All…. from Linda Willows

    1. As I re-read your words this morning, I am struck anew with just how beautiful your soul is, my dear friend. Your words resonate so deeply with me, and make my heart leap with joy to be able to connect on such a level with so many kindred souls here. We are indeed very blessed. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


      1. Julie, that is why I missed you. Your presence feels like part of my Soul Family and yes, I do feel many connections here are Blessed; it is palpable and spurs me to continue with heightened purpose and Love.


  1. Dearest Linda, all we are and all we can ever aspire to be ~ is everything ~ is nothing ~ is love. Love is life and the meaning of life. When given the mysteries of birth, death, connection and truth, my understanding comes only because I love. It is the thread that unites us and the blanket that comforts us, for love is God. Regardless my years, death would only return me (a part of the one) to the eternal source (which is love)…… Through love, I shall live far beyond my life ~ beyond my breath. This is beautiful, Linda. And I can’t wait……….. ~ Love you, Bobbie


  2. Linda, as you probably already know, I very much believe in “Oneness”, “Truth”, “Eternity” and “Source”! I totally celebrate you starting this page! I know I will receive much enlightenment here! Thank you!


    1. these are words that are mined from the Source that inspires us All. They are part of the Global Vision that so many sense at this Time. It feels true to Self and authentic because it is indeed, our Own Expression, from Each and All.


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