“Seeds from Heaven” ~Inspirations from Linda Willows

Seeds from Heaven

Petals soft with caress of morning dew
Feel the air whisper with kisses all due.
For the pure essence of Love, has made me and you.
Glory remind every soul and each kind,
That the seeds from Heaven, both old and new,
All came from the Sacred, the Divine Heart of You.

©2012 Linda Willows

In realizing that we are each a part of a Sacred Oneness, we find that we can bypass what may appear to be differences or altered alliances in perspectives toward Our Creator, God of All Names. God is All Love. God Loves All. The pure nature of the flower understands the beauty of the world that we live in. The dew, remarking that even our tears of joy or sorrow soften us as kisses would; for Life- not to be judged as good or bad, is a process of acceptance, seeing, receiving the Spirit, Faith and the ability to love, and live inclusively seeing one another as a remarkable and wondrous Humanity. (Seeds from Heaven…) Love, Linda


(photo gratitude: Charles Miller)


9 thoughts on ““Seeds from Heaven” ~Inspirations from Linda Willows

  1. For now the dove has gone to roost and the sky is turning grey, and like the sky my soul is also turning – turning from the past, at last and all I’ve left behind. Every day, there another time to rejuvenate myself – to recreate myself in joy! I love this, Linda……. Beautiful, as always. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. We each have seeds from Heaven planted within us and must water each other’s seeds and shine life-giving light of love on each other’s leaves and petals!

  3. Dear Linda, this poem is so lovingly exquisite that it brought tears to my eyes in the reading of it. Your words are sheer beauty, as much as the photo of this gorgeous flower. And I love the title … ‘Seeds from Heaven’ – how perfect! ~ Much love to you, Julie xoxox

    1. Are we Seedlings from Heaven thirsty for the nourishment of blessed water and more “Seed” from Heaven. I thirst, bless the dew, the Waters. Seeds of God’s Love, and You…

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