“Such Face Hides all in the Falls” ~by Linda Willows

Looking near at the view of one,
you would not know at all
that worlds have crashed around her Sun,
though her face hides all from the falls.

When did I find that eternal smile
and trust until the pure could not dare.
I believed all the whispers of Love’s beguile,
to paint the taste that All was still there.

Love at first sight in the good of intent
without filter that gives innocence pause.
Let heart’s wisdom find each prayer sent,
lest life stun; bear false sun or feign claws.

Folded new into life’s grit and grace;
warms peaceful living with joy in the find.
I proudly march along with truth sliced on my face
no longer smiles frozen in time.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Carla Mascaro)



10 thoughts on ““Such Face Hides all in the Falls” ~by Linda Willows

  1. oh dear, Lauren, I just edited the entire peace. You will not like the new last line at all. I did not feel that this was “true”, had to change it, nobody dancing joy at end, but there is strength and character……Linda


  2. Dearest Linda, sometimes we have to fold to heal. There is untold love in holding on, and sometimes even more in letting go. Not so easy though! I swear at least once a day I have to learn to breathe all over again. ~ Love you, Bobbie


  3. Yes, folding to heal is soft and good. And the power of letting go of old patterns is the joy of walking in freedom and the surrender of the opinion and control that others had over one’s had over dreams, “the smile” and tenacity to stand tall, despite the barefaced wrinkles that tell all! Love to you, Linda!


  4. Wow, this poem simply takes my breath away! The beauty of your lines here is incredible, dear friend! “lest life stun; bear false sun or feign claws.” – what a powerful phrase. There is so much strength and positivity in your ending lines. Just beautiful, I really love this. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


    1. Awww, that is so sweet! But you must know that you write beautifully, because it comes directly from your heart and soul – and that always shows. xoxox


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