“Each Blossom Folds Round” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

Each blossoms folds round
amidst and entwined
Hues contrast and blend
to Song wonder would find.

The divine fragrant blend
is the harmony of each.
Yet our hearts fall asleep
sometimes just before reach.

Joy lives amidst
nature’s simple relief.
Seeks not who is who,
but celebrate beneath.

It is essence that joins
all in song and imbues,
the wondrous call
that awakens each hue.

©2012 Linda Willows



“We each are valuable in the circle of Love and cycles of the Love and Breadth of the Divine. Together, we form a greater whole, one complete as a humanity, imbued equally with the Wonders of The Creation and cause Song, Universal Sound to call forth, out and with evocative beauty…to harmonize with the Nature of the Divine. We must harmonize first with ourselves, with our fellows and in fellowship to all. This creates an alignment which floods the gates of sound, breath, love, Presence and Witness to a kind of Oneness perhaps not fathomed. No one walks alone. We don’t become “enlightened” in self caves; comes a time when passion must include Compassion and indeed, “We must love our neighbors, as ourselves”. from Linda


6 thoughts on ““Each Blossom Folds Round” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, what a beautiful poem, and words of such deep wisdom and grace. I love this, but this verse really stands out for me: “Joy lives amidst nature’s simple relief. Seeks not who is who, but celebrate beneath.” This is a lovely way to begin the weekend, thank you, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. thank you, Julie. those word, as the spoke to me felt like an important lesson to me as well. I will celebrate “Beneath” in Nature’s simple Relief too! Love, Lindaxoxoxoox


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