“Kindled by the Sun’s Kiss” ~by Linda Willows

Sun glints flying, marking rivets of light
the shining weaves flow, into our sacred sight.
We flow in through the golden veins of such a Miracle called Life.
Mystery folding arms around our hearts so tender in might.

Stilled to wake by dawn with hands joins by bliss
The embrace, warm joined us all, kindled by the Sun’s kiss.
There’s a river gold. It winds to all Love’s shine
and keeps us all as brights of Thine.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo gratitude: Charles Miller)



16 thoughts on ““Kindled by the Sun’s Kiss” ~by Linda Willows

  1. I’m not able to choose a favorite line, as they all graciously weave through with such divine beauty, Linda, and the photo is a lovely complement to your poem~Hugs and Blessings!


  2. Within your words, a world is created………of light and beauty, grace and breath……….long past the time when all of us are still, your words will live…….. Truly extraordinary, Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. such a beautiful thing to say, Bobbie; I believe that all of our words will last forever as we have caste them out in our art and that there is a certain responsibility for what wish to leave in this world that we pass through, love, yet not our Own, except that we are Its Own in Love. I feel accountability for what I leave on the internet. It is not privately published material nor am I “promoting and marketing” using wordpress as a means to another goal. I believe that purity of heart and intention clears the way for one’s best work to be sparked; certainly blunders and wishnots! but overall, it is a certain direction and mission for your own blog that matters, then staying true or repeatedly returning to it, is the real test. We are all extraordinary. Your byline on your Blog is beautiful and holds deep meaning. I love it, Linda


  4. Your words always touch me in a way that is not describable. I always feel as though I am wrapped in a warm loving light. So beautiful Linda… thank you for sharing. ♥


  5. Lovely poem, Linda – your words always leave me with a gentleness; they hug my heart. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


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