“Each Dream of This Day” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

“Each Dream of this Day”

Form a Dream of the day
when we all can feel free.
In the sunlight, nature’s bounty,
peaceful stills near favored tree.

I wonder for things that most do not see
Wandering missions put life’s heart in me.
And the people are free and away.
in each Dream of this day.

There was gunfire, snipers and minefields to right.
Nightmare of horrors took off with one’s sight.
I am with you, skies blazing with bombs through the night.

Bless the children; all the people
longing for freedom’s right.
Can we form a place in our hearts
that could find room for their plight?

In my dreams when I am at rest
near my dear favorite tree;
Lord please hear me, not just this quest,
Let me Feel all of Thee.

©2012 Linda Willows

This is dedicated to all of the people here and around the world, that still suffer from loss of freedom, human rights and the many that fight to gain freedom. Their dreams be heard. Their voices be given power and blessing of the God of all Names. I have been with you, alongside of you and forever salute the bravery of those who suffer, are in need, yet live with great courage. love, Linda

(photo gratitude: Kemal Kamil)



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