Soldiers all ~by Linda Willows

We honor the warriors, soldiers all that must fight.
We see unknown faces awake in the night.
Imbued with an ethic of courage and heart’s might,
Unseen lives tread brightly for each freedom and right.

These souls face the dare to face mortality scars more,
And bear wounds of life’s conflict through misfortune and war.
What could we, from afar ever measure or know
Of what occurs in the heart, as all skies fire aglow.

Think on the side of duty’s high call
Sway to love, loss to gain and agony’s wall.
Some have the way and are destined to march
Into battles that forge our ideals though they’ve parched.

Tell me soldier soul, would life be the same.
If you had not chosen honor and courage as your refrain.
I’ve seen your shadow faces in the graves of lost names.
and held heart alone through nights pierced by war games.

I envision a time of peace as each right.
Yet what say you to warriors given to cause bright?
Do eyes turn away and condemn freedom’s fight
Do we stand in a land won by brave vision’s Light?

Warrior soul, does you heart feel the might
or half broken and torn by all witnessed in the nights.
I too have been in the midst of war’s gore
and heart fell to ground burned with Lightning’s deep roar.

Still us gentle to peace and more righteous ways
that our brothers may rest and receive Glory Days.

©2012 Linda Willows


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