“None of my Roses could ever Last Here..” ~by Linda Willows


None of My Roses Could Ever Last Here

Running back into ashes and scrolls in the stones,
I smell the damp echo of yesterday’s home.
None of my roses could ever last here …
Though I’d hoped to find one alone by a tear.

I witness the scratches and marks on the walls.
No one but I as sweet child walked these halls.
Stories to tell yet marked fables done well,
Hidden in joy dances and sorrowful spells.

Child, are you there? If you wake I am here.
I’ve run a long way to find us home dear.
All the roses, the stories… the unmarked tears;
Left your unsweetened sorrow alone all these years.

©2012 Linda Willows






12 thoughts on ““None of my Roses could ever Last Here..” ~by Linda Willows

    1. thank you, Bobbie. In this poem, I searched my childhood and tried to recover “girl, all..lost in the ashes”. That is a beautiful wording in your comment (surely love makes sweet and sad the same). Linda


      1. …I felt that, Linda……..but would dare to say that girl is not lost. As my granny used to say, “inside every older woman is a 16 year old girl wondering what the h*** happened”…….. 🙂 Love you, Bobbie


  1. Linda, how very appropos to use the symbolism of old roses and their fallen petals for your cherished memories of places never to be lived in again by the author. The ashes of roses still smell sweet in the nose’s memory, do they not? Gorgeous, enchanting, and masterful post here!


  2. Dear Linda i was move a LOT , when i discover yesterday and read your excellent poems ….
    Is a great Honor to me to inspire you with my photos…
    Also as a poet too really you succeed to touch and tender hit my soul…
    Thanks so much from my Heart.
    persefoni Balkou


    1. Thank you for writing. I am also very honored. I am a great admirer of you talent and work. Something strikes a chord between us and that is very special to witness!. I am delighted to meet you! Linda Willows


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