“Oh for Love-There I Feel Amidst Branches of Thee” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

“Lord, lend me a home in your world’s sanctuary

Just a humble abode would delight all of me

Let it be near all that sings out, the chorus of We

And nightly rests in, your Heart’s deep Mystery.

I would love to be granted one next to a Tree

Oh for Love- there I feel, amidst Branches of Thee.”


©2012 Linda Willows





17 thoughts on ““Oh for Love-There I Feel Amidst Branches of Thee” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

    1. I am happy that you liked this, Sherline. In a way, we are or “can be” surrounded in the Beauty, it is God’s Heart and the song that beckons us Home. Love to you, Linda


  1. Oh, Linda, I love this. There is no grander cathedral than the forest; no pipe as soulful as the morning call of swallow; or stained glass to imitate sunlight through the branches. I have visited some amazing churches over my years, but there is almost nowhere that I feel as close to God as when I am a part of that which He created in the days before He created me……. 🙂 Absolutely wonderful! ~ Love you, Bobbie


  2. This one nearly brought me to tears–that first line sounds like the beginning of a hymn, Linda.


    1. I also, could feel tears to feel this one. Perhaps a deep spirituality and humility, as well as life experience is needed to really “feel” its wording.


  3. Linda, this is a Hobbit’s house in the Enchanted Forest! What could possibly be a better earthly home? I love your visions you share with us.


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