“Wake to Such Godly Dream, New” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

“Wake to Such Godly Dream, New”

Join this humble, tumble Nest,
and sigh into deep Splendor’s Rest
All can wait in this Life’s weighted Que.
While my heart rests with dreams for me and for you.
Ever forwards, towards, within and into
the home of all Love for each and life through.
Sweet echoes remind that a peace of this kind
arises when Souls tender and bend to be True.
Then, into this nest, bring shining your best
and wake to such Godly dream New.

©2012 Linda Willows





10 thoughts on ““Wake to Such Godly Dream, New” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

  1. Ahhhh….such peace and love resound through my heart upon reading these words…..a living breathing miracle of visionary words….what a beautiful tapestry that was conceived in your mind and shared here….thank you….


    1. Thank you, Lauren….you went directly to the key point….A message to us that peace is extracted from grace, humility and all living to be True to the Nature of God. Beautiful comment!


  2. A nest for dreaming only Godly dreams–what a fair place beyond the skies that is! Yet our souls can take us there at any time, when our hearts truly desire it!


    1. Lovely, granbee. Yes our souls allow us to nest in Godly dream, Awakened to our Home of Love and Life through! Your mention of our Hearts needing to truly desiring it is a good point…without That, we slumber on. thank you, granbee, Love to you!


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