“We Belong Together, Unbound; Without Seams” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

Quote..”We Belong Together, Unbound; Without Seams” by Linda Willows

“We Reflect and Become Sacred Waters in drift,
As Each pours into the Rivers of your Love’s Gift.
Bound gently forwards and through Life’s secret dreams,
We belong together, unbound, without seams.

…Lift the equal of rosebud or found earthly stone.
All find the Embrace; not one left alone.
Secret dreams yield reveal in the souls of Divine Guests
You and I, we together; adrift in All Love’s request.”

©Linda Willows



(photo gratitude: Shirley Jean)






20 thoughts on ““We Belong Together, Unbound; Without Seams” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. I love that title so much, “belonging together without seams” sums up my feelings exactly. And I love the photo too, especially the sterling silver rose. Very lovely, Linda.


  2. I read this again, and again, and I am taken by the wholeness of the thought, the quiet embrace of forever, to connection between all matter is Spirit …. wonderfully spoken …


    1. I love your phrase , “the quiet embrace of forever” and its span to the true vision of our Nature and the potential of it’s cresting manifestation in an awakened humanity. Thank you. I appreciate your comment!


  3. Each rosebud and each stone understand how they are bound together. My prayer is that each soft petal and each hard pebble in every heart would melt together as One!


  4. Harmony in its purest form, in the beauty of unity, honesty without separation or division….I still pray for such a world Linda….If only we could all see through your beautiful eyes….


    1. Oh my dearest Celeste, it is not “my eyes”, only a shining vision that lives within and beyond us all! I sense that this Unity and uplifted Love is a vision shared by many all over the world. It inspires and ignites countless versions of ItSelf, in initiatives, motions, renewal, creativity, organizations, outreach, the next generation of leaders and much more. It must be our future. We must shift to the next “octave” of our experience of Love and brotherhood, even just to survive. Love to you, Celeste


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