“Only Love’s Grace Would Bring You” ~by Linda Willows

My heart longs to fill again, love and break through.
Yet silence remains in this voiceless taboo.
Warrior worn, I alone mold this hearts door,
That nothing may breathe from the past anymore.

If it did all the years that captured my soul’s roar,
Would torture and blind as it did in life’s wars.
I cared that the children of the earth split to heal,
And I lost my own sons in unseen plight’s ordeal.

I would die for my Own and bid Mercy’s restart.
My Hands reach out; I grasp at photos in my heart.
My calls are now whispers, no words or notes due.
After so many years, only Love’s Grace would bring you.

©2012 Linda Willows



(photo credit: Marco Tomei)





23 thoughts on ““Only Love’s Grace Would Bring You” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Gosh, Linda. What a river of deep emotion and love runs through these words. As always, it is very beautifully written and requires the reader to read with quiet awareness so that every word and phrasing can float into the soul to be felt and understood. Blessings and much love to you. x


    1. It is such a gift, Angela- to feel understood. The phrasings are like code sometimes, they are so personal. But writing from experiences is cathartic and I hope, artful as well. I don’t aim to spill pain or grief onto the page, it means much to be, that the Heart share experience and understanding, “seasoning” as well. What do you feel about this?


      1. I agree with your thoughts, Linda. First and foremost, I think poetry is personal; must come from the heart and soul, and then it has a special kind of resonance. x


  2. Dearest Linda, I love this, for the raw emotion that reaches through the words. My favorite lines ~ Warrior worn, I alone mold this hearts door, That nothing may breathe from the past anymore. ~ We are a map defined by our ways and our paths. I’m not you, but I suspect you’d much rather your years be measured by wrinkles than by regrets. Love clears the sweetest roads ~ our only disservice would be to pretend they never were. What kind of person could ever ‘pretend away’ love? Surely not a woman of strength and beauty such as yourself…… 🙂 Love you, Bobbie


    1. yes, it is clearly marked in wrinkles! Regrets can never work! When working with raw, I let it “steer”, don’t try to make it “Right” or wise or sensible, Thank you for your deep insights, I appreciate it! Love to you, Linda


  3. I would love to echo Angela’s comment, if I may…she conveyed my exact feelings perfectly and I love her phrase “quiet awareness” Linda…your writing is just so beautiful, spiritual and tranquil. If ever I’m feeling out of sorts, I know your poems will calm me~ xo


    1. I am so happy that you feel this way, Lauren. It is deeply gratifying to hear this. If you felt a tranquility extracted from this poem, then you are very wise…., all my love to you


  4. Linda, I feel the grief and longing in your exquisite words – and I feel the reflection in this, and healing that time brings as well, with His grace. ((((Hugs)))) ~ Much love to you, dear friend. xoxox


    1. yes, Julie. This is outside of the poem but…. I think that certain kinds of grief just mature into more advanced stages of acceptance, prayer and a deepening of the original love into one that would wait throughout all time. (seeing life as temporal, and Love as essence) Love to you always, Linda


  5. I love this poem… I can certainly relate to your words. So very emotional. I particularly like this: That nothing may breathe from the past anymore.
    The past can bring so much heartache… dwelling there only hurts me more.
    Thank you for sharing this. ♥


    1. Yes, This is true. We must live from Now with the ability, as artists, to move through all of the scales and have access to each note (imagine a piano), without judgement or sticking to the note after the piece is created. Dwelling is the enemy!! Fly!


  6. Linda, I feel as if the author of this poem in the Earth Mother, yearning to save the lost children and crying sadness over the horrible separation of the human from the Divine!


    1. that is such a visionary response granbee. In many ways, you have touched the heart of the poem’s soul yet still, there were many real children of this earth, real families (still are…) that lived lives of suffering, war and un-speakables…that in opening the width of ones’ expanse, it may in turn compel pain in circle of one’s Own. To lift, one must be willing to lose all. I did, again, and again and again. It has brought the an ultimate peace, not grief. Nothing Real can be taken away. We, Love, the quiet warrior’s Grace; it remains, endures, becomes sacred place.


    1. thank you for seeing that, Celeste; there is peace is it as well, this is just the breath from a resting place, ripened, wiser perhaps than it seems. Love and thank you for such blessings, Linda


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