“Night Blossoms Set Free” ~Inspiration by Linda Willows

“Let it be, blossom night

All will free if set flight.

Loosen the hold as these petals might

And receive the first moment of true beauty’s sight.”

©2012 Linda Willows


When we cling to or put away “night blossoms”; all that opens in and of the darkness is forbidden the divine chance to open. We hold on and gather these like many possessions of the shadows. It is a natural instinct to seek safety, indeed since childhood and many of us learned what to hold onto long ago.

However, as adults seeking Spirit and Truth, we can choose to embrace “night blossoms” as gifts and softly touch each that comes to our awareness and set free that which was Hidden. We must be gentle and accepting, as we see a flower loosely unfolding in rhythm to nature’s will and flow towards return.

Our own tenderness and compassion, multiplied by the invoked Grace of the Divine can find this opening and embracing freedom which is accepting, fragrant (senses open to accept and acknowledge) and forgiving of time, loss, judgement and seasons passed (it is in full Presence which recalls its True Nature: all Love). This, then allows a freedom to see, (Knowing) the beauty (Love and Law) true. And All, in becoming is set Free.  Love, Linda Willows

(photo gratitude: Roger Sunneland)



16 thoughts on ““Night Blossoms Set Free” ~Inspiration by Linda Willows

  1. That which we love we must set free. That with which we yearn to experience intimacy, we must give enough room to enfold and reach out to us. That which we yearn to see more clearly, we must stand in a proper place to view in persepctive.


  2. In the end, these things matter most ~ How deeply did you love, how fully did you live, and how gratefully did you let go… In loving, we remain ~ as eternal as the tide ~ as unforgettable as the wind. I love this, Linda. With the sweetest words, you have given us a picture of flame. ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. Just moving with tender passion and love that touches the reader’s heart. Beautiful and warm words, as beautiful as the delicate flower on the picture. Thanks. Have a great weekend…


    1. Yes! I loved the poem “Where Jasmine Bloods” and I see the beautiful point that you are making. Compassion is also to be “with” the Greater Love, able then to soften, release and accept all in a state of Will that is set by Divine Grace, tender choice of heart’s compassion and a freedom that yields even greater range of choice. Thank you so much for your comment!


  4. You have a wise and loving heart that speaks truth always. I just love that. Thank you for these special words. ~ Love, Julie xoxoxox


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