“Love is Still” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

“Love is Still; throughout all our will.
It wanders not, nor has it a plot.
Free of all image yet in each to be,
It Lives in this Branch, in you, and in me.”

©2012 Linda Willows



14 thoughts on ““Love is Still” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. Hi Linda, I have been trying to comment on your latest poem, “The Most Sacred of Finds” but it just keeps saying “page not found” So I will comment here –

    this is a really comforting poem, protective in many ways, makes me feel like I am under a huge gentle wing, exactly where I need to be right now – thank you.

    Love you lots

    Christine xx


    1. Thank you Christine. I withdrew the poem because I felt that it was “unfinished”. I wrote it at night and published to soon. Thank you for your comment, you did get the feeling that I had as I wrote. It will find its way back someday!


    2. hi, thank you so much, Christine.I withdrew the poem, but it stayed up on WordPress. I would like to re-write, and feel with it more. I appreciate your comment very much! I Love you, Linda


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