The Lost Nights of Loves’ War ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

The Lost Nights of Loves’ War

When I gaze at the lace of sweet petals’ raw core,
My heart pains to face, the lost nights of love’s war.

I fell into your soul with mine
And broke all and every tie that binds
Heaven shook the sea to blind
As I buried all of me to be your kind.

Now all the veils have fallen away
I was lost, expelled, like a child with no say
And too many pieces of me Left in you
Petals, shrapnel, fallen dust and adieu!

©2012 Linda Willows


12 thoughts on “The Lost Nights of Loves’ War ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

    1. I feel my heart too much. I hesitate to publish these works. This pain that can be brought up contrasts the reality of the “Present”, it looks backwards and swims in so much tragedy. I think that there is enough pain in the would less my own. Love to you, Linda


      1. Then like a faucet you should meter the amount you let out. Certainly it is not good for you to hold it all forever, just to spare us the knowledge … All the best – Peter


  1. Dearest Linda ~ To embrace life is to give yourself permission – permission to ‘feel’ the wonder of every ordinary, fleeting, sensual dying moment. Some would encourage us to turn away from the past, from (perhaps) the sweetest moments of our life. But, surely if that had been the ideal for us, God would not have given us memory or tears, or faith or forgiveness. To know life, to truly live, we must embrace that which moves us most (even if to tears) – to take our mortal life in our arms and clasp it for the divine gift that it is – the nice, safe, wonderful moments as well as the painful, dark, jagged ones. ‘If you never loved, you never hurt. If you never hurt, you never lived.’ Exquisite in every way! ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. “too many places of me left in you”–Indeed, Linda! How perfectly you have captured this deep night of the heart remembering the broken love union! I am pleased you were able to share this. I pray that it will bring some healing and peace for you!


    1. yes granbee, a deeply expressive poem is very healing, it feels great! While, I am writing, though, I am in a “process” of pulling things forth and these a more than memories, they are “pieces” wanting to be reclaimed.


    1. Well, I guess I don’t probe there and a few other soft spots often. People then ask if I am all right or have taken a “dive”, or need prayers…..but truly, I am “writing” and during the poem, I pull from within. At sixty it feels like about 20 lifetimes already. When you have a “long and complicated” life, as you, Julie, me and many others have had….that is the passion for many, many Poems, !!!


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