“Love my All” ~The Poetry of Linda Willows


“Love my All”

Oh heart, stay awake
I feel wonder
at your quake.
Love my all.
Love my last.
Pour this enthrall
upon all past.

All of me alit
dear One.
at the Glory’s sight;
a Sacred sun.
Oh, such a Love’s
bound might.

Keep me near in
this bow.
All shreds into
me and Thou.
There is
nothing more
I need than now.

©2012 Linda Willows


9 thoughts on ““Love my All” ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

  1. Inspired writing, dear Linda. More than this, how could we measure more? It’s the same as the notion of forever, subject to the view. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count. This could be the forever you’ve been waiting for ~ don’t let it go. ~ B


    1. Dearest Bobbie, you write beautifully and with inspiration as well. I love the way you express yourself. Indeed, the “forever” is Now and the instant of a Hearts Opening to That is more than one could count, it is the Portal to Sacred All! The I Am does not exist in linear Time, though it’s glow radiates out and into it. At sixty years old, my most valuable lesson is about “waiting” “the future” and having the humility to let go and surrender all to a deeper Now. Love to you, Linda


      1. …the infinite ‘now’……… Indeed ~ it is all and nothing ~ for truly a moment can stretch to hold eternity. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. ~ B


    1. Thank you, yes…ultimate and complete devotion. The “Bow” signifies the lowering of the Head (mind, ego) that One can enter into a Sacred Space which can only be known in the portal of Present and Presence.


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