“All Sacred not Far” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“The Path begins wherever we Are, for the imprint bears witness to All Sacred not far. Infused and filled in the midst of earth’s bind, we discover Our heavenly home most divine.”

©2012 Linda Willows

We find that wherever we are in our journey, there is not a destiny “out there” to obtain nor “after when…”. If we could realize that All is with us “now”, that everything that we need is opportune in this instant, our lives would change. We would not wait until we felt more “understanding”, “perfect”, “forgiven” or wise.

By placing our attention into striving and achieving a state better than the one we are in, we avoid the singular Present, or Presence. Certainly there may be reasons and beliefs which barricade this space but isn’t it time to question them? Alignment occurs when all becomes opportune for convergence allowing a Singularity to Merge and arise.

This creates Emergence, or the Presence of the Holy Sacred to flood into the wondrous alignment. Simply by giving up? No. By giving all to the wonder of the Sacred, and to the unknown of all possibilities, which is where you are, now.
~from Linda


10 thoughts on ““All Sacred not Far” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. Such beautiful and insightful words, dear Linda! So many barricades we put up on ourselves – fear of unknown, always striving, yet waiting for just the ‘right’ time … and as you say, all we have is ‘now’ – we just have to be here, to be present with our ‘now’. Words that I need to hear today … thank you my dear friend! ~ Love to you always, Julie xoxox

  2. Dearest Linda, I think we all have moments when we forget the infinite power that lives within us. The start, the middle and the end all reside within us – within the dreams we make and the ones we make come true. Always, we are becoming more (hopefully). There is no place where we can go that we weren’t meant to be. The only thing standing in the way is ‘us’……. We build the wall, erect the fence, draw the lines, and create the rules that keep us looking ahead to that which we deny ourselves. Exquisite and very thought-provoking work. ~ Love, Bobbie

  3. I really like this Linda, so much truth for me in this piece.

    I only have “now” and I want to capture and immerse myself in every “now” that happens. What was and what is to come matter not, and yet I so often find myself clinging to the former and reaching out impatiently for the latter.

    But tjhis isn’t easy.


    1. Yes, good points, Christine! One amazing thing about Now is that it is also like a portal, not a “dot”, as the Mentality of the Linear and three dimensional world. It opens to all possibilities.

      The Witness and Wisdom Mind which are Lifted through this Portal can fathom and reach to possibilities never before fathomed.
      such love and hugs to you, Linda

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