“All That was Meant to Be” ~Poetry of Linda Willows

Poetry of Linda Willows
“All That was Meant to Be”

Oh heart, I am…
I must bend out;
stretch full
bind to trust,
and ever sear doubt.
Pull all of my own.
And deepen me still.
Take the motions
Of Love that rise
peaked to your will.

Let these limbs lift again
search the wide earth as when
we were alive to see
all that was meant to be.

Oh heart, I am. I must
Though the Glory of
Your Stir
my tear drops do burn.
Wake me into the
Dance of You.
‘Tis Holy, Sacred
And Lord, so long due.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Vadim Stein)


20 thoughts on ““All That was Meant to Be” ~Poetry of Linda Willows

  1. Like a prayer, even more, like a plea to the heart … the heart of life, to lift us, no matter what; from age, or infirmity, or distrust … any condition that prevents us from following a true course toward what — ? toward Love !


    1. I love your comments, you always add insight and wisdom and make be think as well!….Yes towards Love, towards That Divine Being, which Is The True Source and first Breath of Love, Whose Course created All and is within and throughout All, yet does exist as an unfathomable Presence whose Nature is a Love that one can fully experience in a transcendent state or state of Presence. That is the “course”, one of return to the Beloved that I speak of…


      1. and you renew my own as well. It is all stepping together. If one, like yourself leans into the Light of Immersion, the “electrical surge” that touches you pulls not only you, but all forward because we are united each. In this way, as One steps forth, All are motioned. One Life has tremendous meaning because of Our Unity. We are here for collective conscious return and healing of the original separation and chaos, after the “Glory of Perfection born in the image of our Maker, Love”, all set upon a “course of return”.


  2. Written with passion and grace, and you have such an abundance of both, dear friend. Love this phrase, “as when we were alive to see all that was meant to be.” – beautiful. I love your poem! ~ Love and blessings to you, have a wonderful weekend, Linda. Love, Julie xoxox


    1. I think that the line that you chose was the most meaningful to way. Amazing that you can go directly to the heart, even of a poem. All love and my own heart with you always, Linda


  3. “Wake me into the dance of you….”: What a perfect way to end this prayer poem. This puts me in mind of some of the Psalms instructing us to dance in praise of our Lord. Such a whole-body way of worshipping.


    1. so true and a beautiful view to add, Granbee. Yet so many years ago, throughout my youth and earliest career, I was a ballet dancer. I also was interested in Sacred and Prayer Dance. Sometimes, when I say, “Lift these limbs”….I literally mean, Oh self, would you rise again (in so many ways…) and LIFT those Limbs!!!:-D


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