“My Lord, I love Thee in so many Names” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

Keeping, Praying through the nights of your thunder,
Souls brave and bright may find storms stir their wonder.
The God of all Names’ trusting Hearts may shake,
Yet all seek the Light, seek You out, while rumbling skies quake.

Each bind to that which keeps their God intact.
It holds lightning back should the ‘unknown’ attack.
As waters rise each bind thicker in separate love.
Closer to their Divine, yet somehow only “Above”

We pray for peace with each one on our mind
Yet might not bless heart in person if not “one’s own kind”.
We twisted the story and broke our God’s Heart
When we turned away our faces from the Love of all Parts.

In these times all tears flood into one sea
Not into piles separated by blood, you and me.
The ocean hold all the rains and all the cries
In a body whose vessel sustains and supplies.

Need you allow the lightning to flash and break
to stir up the rocks and lifts tides to quake
To lifts us to see that we live in “Your State”
How mighty are we in division or hate?

My Lord, I love thee in so many names
Your people are vast and all blessed with many claims.
In each I see you and find my way home.
You are all, you are Love; everywhere I lift a stone.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Boris Bogdanov)


13 thoughts on ““My Lord, I love Thee in so many Names” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

  1. This is lovely Linda.

    I really like your line “Each bind to that which keeps “their” God intact. It reassures me that my interpretation of God is ok and doesn’t have to necessarily be the same as others’.



    1. Christine, I don’t know why, but I am drawn to speak to you in deeply spiritual tones. There is something in you that is not simplistic at all.. You compel me to reach when we speak. There much be a reason…. Yes, and by our own Nature, each experience of God is unique as well as interpretation. Imagine a Large Circle which would have a bold circumference which represents “Our humanity, United”. Each point on this outer circle represents One, ultimately a group, common religious belief, teaching, or culture. All diversity which stands on the Line of True Intent to love, honor and return to the Original Source of the Most Sacred One (by any Name…) have identity lifted and born to this Lineage of Humanity including the Wisdom of the Ancient Cultures. The Points on the outer are each aligned to connect, light a ray to the Center, the Core of the Circle which represents The God of All, by any name and Its Nature, Love the One Law that rules throughout. If you view all the rays reaching to center, you see that they become closer and more unified as they grow near to Core. This is the Unification that I speak of. We remain, yet ultimately upon the Merge with the God of all seeking, we find ourselves One in Love. The points at the circumference open to the left and the right seeming to form cross forming an electric transfiguration which breathes Peace, Compassion and Acceptance of Self and Other as all Parts of a Sacred Unity. Love Linda

  2. Thank you so very much for this Linda. I will print it and read it over as it will take time to digest but I am with it already on a certain level on first reading and beginning to understand. I will not give up my search, for that is what it is.


  3. Linda, we none of usknow that “true” name of God. We all of us are born with the yearning in our hearts to look up and find “God.” We all of us are His creation! I love this post for highlighting the infinity of ways to call on God.

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