“Love has no Boundaries” Inspirations by Linda Willows

“Love has no Boundaries” ~Inspirational

“All Godly prayer, world, is pure and bright.
Galaxy of Hearts set ablaze by One Light,
Whose Love has no boundaries, culture nor plight,
That could temper the return of its’ own to Divine Sight.”

©2012 Linda Willows Quotes



Contemplation shared from me to you!
Let your soul find opening in its reach to all people in worship of The Divine. We are not separate. Diversity is part of our Nature which “reflect” Loves. Explore why Loves’s Nature would “reflect” diversity yet Be Oneness. That is a key Thought. What is the nature of our own Diversity and do we embrace or reject it? Are we relieved to place the discomfort out-ward into the world as an “Other”?

When we are able without bias yet with humility and compassion to “Love thy brother as Thyself”, a Law of Love is Invoked. We find ourselves in love and immersion with diversity itself and resolve a primal Juxtaposition on the quest. Ultimately we find ourselves linked together as One Family in sojourn, born of One Source and in the path of sacred return.

Please feel free to share your own feelings and thoughts! Love, Linda

(photo gratitude: Shoeb Faruqquee)


8 thoughts on ““Love has no Boundaries” Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. Beautiful words from an exquisite soul who personifies the message of love and “Oneness” … lovely post, my dear friend, just lovely. ~ Sending you much love and wishes for a beautiful day, Julie xoxox

    1. and so much love and prayers back to you, sweet friend, Julie. Difficult to dare to personify a message of Oneness in today’s world, yet it is in my heart since youth. Thank you so much for your love and support! ~always, Linda

  2. The more we give love, the more love we have to give. The more we love people we cognitively perceive as “different” than ourselves, the more we love what is “different” in ourselves! We are all intended to become one in perfect synchronicity.

Your thoughts, feelings and reflections are welcome, just like you!

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