“Flood my Souls’ Shine” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“Bring me nearer, closer to Thee.
I wait in the crossroads of humanity.
Not above or below, nor to the left or the right.
I stand at the juncture bound for all merging Light.
Kindly fill the All of me, flood my souls’ shine
with You, the Divine, and no will less than Thine.”

©2012 Linda Willows

With pure intent and daily aspiration we can align ourselves on a course which may set, even alter the “slant” of the Light as it pours through our core. We are like navigators that, setting our compass on due course as we awakening affect the steering and course of our vehicles. With this known, let us be wise and offer homage and honor to the Divine. Love, Linda


19 thoughts on ““Flood my Souls’ Shine” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. A new concept for me: the “slant” of the light shining through me, how it affects those around me. I am a full partner in determining the “slant”, it seems to me. Thank you, for these fresh inspirations, dear Linda!


  2. … “I stand at the juncture bound for all merging Light.” … Beautiful words, I love this line. Another lovely piece that lifts me up this day, thank you, my dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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