“The Edges of Now” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“Each day dawns alone, in its own moment; singular, new.
The past nor the future found once in this Glorious hue.
The Awakening stirs time into ripples for review,
Yet allows the edges of Now to begin to pierce through.”

©2012 Linda Willows



Wishing you each the joy of awaking to this new day, a “Now” for each of us to behold, seize and dare to take Divine Dive into all new, bright and awaiting the beauty of you! Love, Linda


6 thoughts on ““The Edges of Now” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. Beautiful Linda and a reminder for us all to appreciate the “now” for it is all we really have.

    I recently attended a mindfulness course which was really interesting and although I am aware of the concept , knowledge isn;t enough and it helped me to renew my practicing of it.



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