“Lord, This Old Tree” ~Poetry of Linda Willows

Lord, this old Tree has become lonesome for Thee
Weighted limbs bow so low; some broken apart and set free.

Roots with long wind stretch deep into your Earth.
They linger, still mingle with beloveds in mirth.

In the transfer of time, mighty lightning and storms crime,
All given, stripped bare, lived through winds divine.

The leaves saught return bright and ripened each year,
To spread your green Bounty like a thousand joy tears.

Seen are the cracks, and hopeless might bent,
this is the way time has stretched limbs in repent.

Lord this is old Tree could not live without Thee,
Yours in all plight; in all weathers, all night.

Given and sealed outstretched arms reach out bent!
Weeping to Heaven a green canopy,

Lord, love this tree as it sings from the voices of the years
ripened by the rains of your sweet jubilee tears.

©2012 Linda Willows


8 thoughts on ““Lord, This Old Tree” ~Poetry of Linda Willows

    1. I feel so connected and filled with love when I write about trees and nature. I long for it so much yet my memories are vivid with great experiences in the past. I was fortunate many times in life to live with extraordinary experiences of Nature’s Beauty. Love to you, Betty, Linda

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