“Arms of Forever” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“Come live in the grace and the mercy of All.
Let all of your burdens recede, glide and fall.
Receive the Pouring that seeks your heart ever.
Fall back and Into the Arms of Forever.”

©2012 Linda Willows


12 thoughts on ““Arms of Forever” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. it is that simple isn’t it – falling back into the arms of forever – I get the image of those corporate team building meeting where teams have to learn trust by falling back into the reach of the other members …. if we just learn to trust ….


  2. Great Comment yet you made me think….falling back, in the arms of forever- may also ask that we allow ourselves to “receive the pouring” as well! Perhaps learning to trust is more than leaps of faith; it may include a willingness and an ability to “receive” the “Heart” which is pouring into us as we surrender to the Grace of Trust. We seem to often be turning a similar page! Love to you, Linda


  3. Falling back into the arms that support forever–like those Outward Bound exercises where you fall into the grasp of your partner through sheer trust!


  4. Lovely words, dear Linda, and I completely agree with Granbee and Grandfathersky’s comments here … xoxox


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