“Towards all Godly Skies Bright” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“As children we enter the world as new. We carry the might of our Souls intent true. Still we must fathom the way home to the light, through waters, waves and life’s seeming plights. With hearts drawn to air, to breath, and to flight, we rise like the ancients towards all Godly skies bright. Standing thus, and walking fore, we find that we are children no more. Yet deep in our hearts we will always recall the waters at core of our heavenly door.”

©2012 Linda Willows



The Inspirational Quotes arise spontaneously after silence, meditation and prayer. I ask that this “space” be used as an instrument for a voice and message, greater than my own. If it serves you in some way, I am very grateful. We need to remember that all sacred writing has no “owner”, it is interpreted by the writer, but the precipitations are One, full and the Author of all true inspiration is the Beloved. For those few moments, I only hold the “pen”. Love, Linda

(photo gratitude: Stella Sidiropoulou)


8 thoughts on ““Towards all Godly Skies Bright” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. I really like this one Linda.

    “Still we must fathom the way home to the light” – that says a lot to me but I also get mixed feelings from it. On the one hand knowing that the light is there is reassuring but I also feel sometimes very much alone whilst fathoming it all.

    Much love to you


  2. If we witness something, have the spiritual passion to merge with the Godly Divine, then we know that this “witness” could not be alone. To fathom is to feel the wonder of something Greater than oneself and allow ourselves stay open to mysteries beyond our own thoughts and concepts. This “letting go” can feel alone because we separate from “mind” and are asked move with the arms and legs of heart and soul. We are never alone. Perhaps our thoughts become alone. Our worldly experience may feel alone. The journey is greater and deeper than the “seen”. When you feel “alone”, breathe, put your hand on your heart, feel the heartbeat, the breath and as it rises and falls, think to yourself,
    “These are the waves of Your Being in Me. Never alone, I rise and fall in Love with Thee.”

  3. How I am filled with wonder, imagining the way my own children were looking at the light as the water in their birth sacs were about to break? Marvelous insights here that trigger so many ideas in this ol’ granbee’s poetic noggin!

    1. Thank you Aslan, I have a particular satisfaction when you find something that both pleases and touches you! You are very insightful too, always able to find the deeper meaning that winds through the word, thank you for that!

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