“Bind my Love and Trust, Anew” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

“Oh Light Divine, bind my love and trust anew. Pull me forth and lead my way true; I long to be nearer to you. Loosen whatever may blind me still or shadow what I may see. I am weeping, beseeching from where I am to find deepening merge with Thee.”

©2012 Linda Willows

Tears that fall in the ache to know and feel a deepened experience of The Beloved, our God, do not fall. They rise upward and lift the calling like a beautiful hymn or chant which sounds itself as love, heard, received and answered with bountiful grace. There are so many levels of love, devotion and personal experience of What we Name as God that it could be seen as a great Spiral that circles inward to the Core, yet as one get close; a veil is lifted and the Core inverts to become the Outer Sheath, that which we live within; impossible to conceive without the experience of this “conversion” after the final spiral of becoming. Until then, we continue to attain deeper and more profound experiences of coming to know, love and aspire to return to God and reflect That back into Divine Creation. Love, Linda


16 thoughts on ““Bind my Love and Trust, Anew” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. This is beautiful, as ever Linda.

    What I love about reading your work is the hope it gives me so I may possibly re-connect to my Higher Power

    . Since my diagnosis of MS and its rapid progress I have lost some faith and direction and would love to be back on that familiar path but I am fighting it tooth and nail at the moment. Sometimes I can see the MS as a “message” as it were, letting me know I have something to offer that I didn’t know I had (my poetry) and on a good day that’s fine but my bad days are many and heavy with doubt and fear. But I am not giving up, definitely not doing that 🙂

    Christine xx


    1. Dearest Christine, I am saddened to hear that the MS has been making rapid progress. We can hope and pray that it takes a lighter course and that your core strengthens each day. When our bodies encounter grave illness in life, it is often more than a message. Parts of our Own with the consent of our Soul may be allowing a cycle of healing to flow through as the “symptoms” bear witness to Trauma on a deeper level, whether it is our own or that shared with the suffering of others. There are cases when a soul “agrees” to carry the affliction and take part in a healing not only personal but for the sake of others. We live in a unified life system and all are lifted when one is healed. When you seek the reason and meaning, the answers are all so rich. In addition to the experience of the Beloved calling you closer and nearer to Love, there will always be a “reveal” from the Soul; a great “Lightening” that is only known to each with this experience, if they allow the Sacred to be found. The “tears” of one living with a disability or great illness are dear, close and found with Grace in the Heart of the Beloved.


  2. Mind-blowing, soul-filling photo–and a mediation here that I hunger and thirst to follow through today and all the way through my church women’s monthly meeting tonight! (I am SO not a “ladies who lunch” type of woman!) Pray for me! Love you, Linda!


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