Aspire~ Inspire~ Share “Caste Hope in God’s Bounty” Inspirations by Linda Willows

“When we cast hope in God’s Bounty
our net will sway east,
towards all beginnings
that bring forth divine reach;
seeking to follow,
to know and to keep,
only what glistens
while all else may sleep”.

©2012 Linda Willows

We do have the power to cast our “nets” forward into the sea. Yet mere casting into waters without being mindful of intention, and knowledge of the waters themselves is not wise. Casting with Hope is an art, one that needs to follow law and a divine governance lest we fall to mere desires to acquire, desire or bring the ego’s intent into our swelled “nets”. Caste Hope in God’s Bounty, it is greater than our own. Love, Linda

(photo gratitude: Suloara Allokendek)


8 thoughts on “Aspire~ Inspire~ Share “Caste Hope in God’s Bounty” Inspirations by Linda Willows

  1. Oh, always casting with Hope and with the every-present guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that we “know the waters”, dear Linda! Bless you for this wondrously beautiful and instructive post!


  2. What generous pearls of wisdom you so freely lavish upon us….I can imagine what trials you overcome to acquire these gifts of knowledge….I aspire to learn from your example, Ms. Linda….many thanks for taking time to share them with us….
    love love love you much


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