Aspire~Invoke~Inspire~Share… from Linda Willows ~ “I feel Everyone There”

“Swept into the circle of the Beloved’s care, I feel the presence of each, yes Everyone There. No one excluded nor kept from the door of the Holy, the Sacred; our Hearts humbled and bare.”

©2012 Linda Willows

Our times ask that we extend into a deeper and wider embrace which in inclusive, knowing that All seeking re-union and rebirth with the Beloved find themselves in Together in Unity with all people and all Life. The nature of the Beloved One is Love.  It is  a Love without consideration, calculation or the measure of  worth based upon worldly belief or interpretation if Original Truth.

It  a Love which is ours to receive with humility and grace. We learn to empty ourselves of preconception, bias, judgement and all ego. We return to the pure simple understanding that Original  Creation is good and its Nature, which is Love, carries the innate wisdom of Creator’s Law, not ours nor that of our divisions?

 Love compels us each to the remembrance that it is the primary and merciful substance of all Being, something Greater than ourselves yet that breathes equally through All of us. Let us have bare hearts that can spin into the circle of the Beloved. To you, from Linda


11 thoughts on “Aspire~Invoke~Inspire~Share… from Linda Willows ~ “I feel Everyone There”

  1. Beautifully expressed, dear friend. Your loving heart and soul shine through every word you write. ~ Much love to you, Julie xoxox


    1. yes, simple and difficult, you are so right. But can we make choices that divide us at this time? What will we share with the next generation? What kind of humanity?


  2. Linda, when I clicked open this post, I nearly (very literally), fell out of my desk chair! I am completely entranced and filled with countless blessings at spinning with this image and these blessed words–You ARE an angel come to us in cyberspace, you know!


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