I Sway Bewildered, Lost, and Found Again There

Watching Glory take the Sun after another day done
I sink into rocking chair swaying deeply into Horizon.
The sky boldly turns to purple, blue and rose hue
Like the palette of God marking all with adieu.

I gaze throughout the hills as Nature’s turns to Night
And feel the great hush that fills all in such twilight.
I feel absorbed into the shadows still awake and alive
Reborn in night breezes with a graceful revive.

Rocking to and fro in my viewing porch chair;
I sway bewildered, lost, and Found again There.

©2012 Linda Willows






11 thoughts on “I Sway Bewildered, Lost, and Found Again There

  1. Lovely words, dear friend. I was sitting right there in the porch chair seeing this beautiful view right with you … feeling your words, and loving the peace they brought me. ~ Love, Julie xox


  2. Linda, this is beyond words!! I, too, was there on the porch–I swear I could feel and smell the air. So, so beautiful–great work.


  3. I have often felt this way, gently swaying in my porch swing facing the west and the sunset and then dusk, then mists sometimes! I disappear and reappear to myself, as the Spirit floats me around at will!


  4. Wow, I justed found myself there with you and lost in the moment, too….We live in a beautiful country area, and ever since we moved here last year, I have been deeply touched and inspired….such breathtaking beauty and reverent awe all around….I am always outside for a while at night, lost in the shadows and sky….loved the poem, I share the same love and intimacy with nature….thank you….
    much love


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