Daily Inspirations with Linda Willows ~ “Known”

“A child walks with Innocence, as Known towards the Light,
With blossoms fresh from her pure hearts’ delight.
All lives can be found in the sun-shining nights
Caressed, Seen and Blessed in Love’ gentle might.”

©2012 Linda Willows


Thank you for being part of the HeartWinds Daily Inspiration Community. Together, we honor the eminent power in each of us to rise in Love, Heal with the Power and Grace of God and find our own core of Inspiration. With humility and deep acknowledgement of a Power and a Known deeply Greater than ourselves, we aspire to reach, ignite and infuse our Hearts with Constant Beginnings and the Presence of the Beloved…here, so near, not a breath apart. To you, from Linda


6 thoughts on “Daily Inspirations with Linda Willows ~ “Known”

  1. Beautiful as always, dear friend. I love this photo and its gentle joy and innocence – I can feel it radiating! Have a wonderful day. ~ Love, Julie xox


    1. Yes, so true, and also of the miraculous transfiguration that returns all to an absorption of Purity, a deeper Innocence regained from living and rebirth as a child of the Light, choosing again the grace of return, home to the Light…


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