Daily Inspirations with Linda Willows ~ Nature’s Mend

“The Journey does not end without all Nature’s Mend.
Footsteps pass water treading God’s Sacred Tend.”

© Linda Willows
Daily Inspirations are dedicated to the fragile yet eminent power in each of us to rise in Love, Heal with the Power and Grace of God and find our own core of spirit, mercy and compassion. We aspire to ignite the beauty of Soul infused with an Awakened Heart, and the humble beginnings of eternal birth, here, so near, not a breath apart.

(photo: Paulo Penicheiro)


9 thoughts on “Daily Inspirations with Linda Willows ~ Nature’s Mend

  1. Oh this is lovely, and wonderful–I SO love the theme of “mending”. I wouldn’t be here today without God’s mending–and I realize there’s still much to be done. God bless you, Linda


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