Feel the JoyBreath

I had a wonder recently
That probed the edge of life as I “see”
Would all be gone if my mind were set free?
What would be left of what I call Me?

Indeed I also considered my Heart
And all the history gathered there to impart.
What would I be if all pages swept away?
And I was left knowing only this day?

Not to push, but I did pry and open the last
My breath and its course throughout all amassed.
That each and all moments may draw Godly inhale
And in exhale, fall to dust, like embers impaled.

Heart, Mind, Knowing, Breath,
Yielding to the True, I allow all else, death.
Setting free is a gladness in me
I allow, surrender, feel the JoyBreath. Let it Be.

©2012 Linda Willows


6 thoughts on “Feel the JoyBreath

  1. Linda, I lived out these words as I immersed my self in this diving unbounded photo:
    “Setting free is a gladness in me
    I allow, surrender, feel the JoyBreath. Let it Be.”

    Your poems just flow so very smoothly, yet powerfully, along with the photographic impressions here!


  2. Linda, this is just lovely.

    I have these thoughts which you put into words so beautifully, and the last line, for me, is a very important one, particularly the last three words “Let it Be”.

    Forgive me if I have missed one or two of your pieces lately. The flu is making it difficult to catch up!

    Christine xx


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