Life is Beautiful PhotoQuotes ~Linda Willows~ 3.17.12

“The mystery unfolds throughout rock and core, through forests deep that wind from our “before”. Hallowed is the font that ever springs forth with Eternal Life that rushes to pour.”

©2012 Linda Willows

The secret of the Quotes is that they are only created just before publication, in the still pure moments which emerge as I am stirred by the photo….then words begin to precipitate lovingly, all to share with you! Perhaps that is a testament to the Beauty of  the Present!

(photo: Juan Pavon)


6 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful PhotoQuotes ~Linda Willows~ 3.17.12

    1. Thank you, I don’t follow the “what you see is what you get approach”, always strive for the best look possible in reproduction on posts. I love the photos, I love every aspect of working with them from discovery to display.

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