Life is Beautiful PhotoQuote ~ Linda Willows ~ 3.15.12

“There is might and power beyond grasp of wish to fill,
Overcast, in Love’s reach outlast, we rise to the mists
And the Glory of God’s deepened Will.”

©2012 Linda Willows


(photo: Chrisoph Fischer)


13 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful PhotoQuote ~ Linda Willows ~ 3.15.12

  1. Oh my goodness, Linda–this is so Good. It really moved me, so I must have needed it! Thank you, and God bless you abundantly.


  2. Oh, my heart rises right up with these glorious mists in that majestic sunrise. Your poem is perfectly matched to how I feel when I view this awe-inspiring photo!


    1. Thank you! I only write as I choose and view the photo for the day. I let it inspire me as it has you. Life is beautiful, more than the seen. It is what rises and lifts in us, our own hearts, inspired…or as Latin would have it “breathing God”. Love to you! Linda


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