New Inspirational Photograph Gallery

All are welcome to the newest collection of beautiful photos in the Inspirational Photo Gallery! To capture a photo just pause the slideshow and save! Note that the photographer’s name is on the id when possible. All to share from me to you! Enjoy and be Inspired! to You, from Linda Willows

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Author: Linda Willows

Writing feels like a sweet out-pour from my heart. The site shares a collection of more than 380 poems and prayers written over five years reflecting the journey of heart and soul to God. All are written with candor and deep expression of love as well as the deep mortal challenge of awakening on the path to the to Love and Grace of Christ; and discover the joyful new Life in Him.

17 thoughts on “New Inspirational Photograph Gallery”

  1. Ooooohhh ……. I have always been in awe of your beautiful photographs, and these are all exquisite! What a beautiful and generous gift you give us by sharing and allowing us to share as well – that just takes my breath away. Thank you so, so much, dear friend! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Gorgeous and so full of energy
    filled with smiles and mystery
    thoughts echo from each
    words are within reach
    Thank you for sharing
    doing so in a way of caring!

    Thank you, these are so beautoiful..
    I already have a few written in my hed LOLs..
    I am glad you stopped by so I could wander over to your
    garden …
    Take care..


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