Eyes to God

photo by Göpfert Olaf

Eyes to God…

When life did take such fateful tolls
I have seen the dust and taken my roles.
Eyes to God and footprints on the hill
I wearied on but with an iron will.

It is not clear that heaven is near
when all about is clouded by fear.
The earth may quake beneath my feet
yet miracles yield in such hours of defeat.

With no one to call or place to find Home
the Heart redefines that which is its Own.
Amaze me once more, as I look above
Eyes to God, all footprints in Love.

©2012 Linda Willows


29 thoughts on “Eyes to God

  1. I absolutely love this, Linda…the faith you convey in your graceful words even clouded with fear is truly needed right now. It’s as though you wrote it for me! With my Mom’s passing and my hubby being very sick, life is a bit discombobulated, so thank you for this! xoxo


  2. There is so much hope in this poem Linda, beautifully written as ever and so fitting for me at this present time.

    I love your reference to the”iron will” I have one of those! It can be quite debilitating sometimes

    Christine x


    1. Absolutely Christine, I feel that for some, life extracts this “iron will” with eyes to God as a strength carried forward, able to become a will, not of its own, but one that reaches to God, even in the hours when one feels deserted and abandoned by God….(how could God allow these things to happen…) …one reaches to something beyond the God felt to be absent. Something that must hear the deepest call and see what all else cannot.


  3. Oh Wow, Linda–this is exceptionally good, and exquisite! “I wearied on but with an iron will”–boy, do I know about that–and the last 2 lines are my favorite: “amaze me once more”. YES, God continues to amaze me–and I have no words for it. May He richly bless your day!!


  4. Hi Linda! Just popped by to let you know I’ve given you the Soul-Song Award for this poem–visit my blog for more info (there are no demanding rules). God bless you today!


  5. Linda, an absolutely beautiful poem, filled with divine hope and grace that is your unique essence; and a purity of light that is so uplifting. Thank you so much for being such a light in the world – and in my world. I am blessed to know you. ~ Love, Julie xox


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