Love’s Beauty Rare

Love, I see your beauty rare.
I sense that You must be everywhere.
Pierce my heart at core of me
and flood each gate that censors Thee.

If I did give away the last
of what I thought I had to cast..
The time has come to leave the past
and keep me in your truth steadfast.

Remind me that love is greater still,
than the past, all sorrow, and my own will.
Oh, pull me forward, inward and true
that I know, believe, and feel all of You.

©2012 Linda Willows


15 thoughts on “Love’s Beauty Rare

  1. Linda, what an absolutely beautiful poem; a prayer to honor love, most exquisitely written as only you could write it. I love this, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xox


  2. Linda, this is a lovely tribute to love’s important role in our lives and I “love” these lines, especially:

    Remind me now that love is greater still,
    than the past, all sorrow and my own will.

    Hugs to you today! xx


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