Each Heartbeat Gifted with Eternity’s Prayer

My heart is reaching down to a dare
I breathe into its’ hallowed air
Will I find some secret rare?
Or be swallowed in a pulse of its hidden cares?

No love real greeted, nor sweetness here
in this secretive, wordless and swollen seat.
What hidden voices hide behind this hearts beat?
Oh, there is a pause from what I find near.

Yet I breathe into a stillness rare.
My heart wants to stop before I am there.
Does God forsake those in moments this bare?
No…these heartbeats are gifted with Eternity’s Prayer.

Come, find me breathing and held by Love’s Heart
born at the Mercy of a dawning new start.
Dare all the bold to bow down before He.
Oh humble, such tumbles, let all glory rise free.

That Sweetness does greet with the Grace of gift’s plea.

©2012 Linda Willows


24 thoughts on “Each Heartbeat Gifted with Eternity’s Prayer

    1. Well, this is not “The Muse” is it? Not “Thunder, Thunder…” or others, it is just a start with acceptance of very mortal utterings, most uninspired, prompted by such discomfort in my chest. I let the discomfort write….Love, Linda


    1. Really, Brother James? I imagine all your heartbeats open, free and clear as a mighty bell!
      Why are we so uncomfortable to be seen with such deep imperfection, constant challenge and labor, though I admit….it is what I have seen, known and risen from, again and again?
      Perhaps it sharpens the Faith and Pulls Love Forward in Strength to God. Respectfully, Linda


  1. I know exactly what you mean and where you are by what you say….and you convey it so elegantly and with such ease..I aspire to continue to grow and add that ‘something special’ to my works as well. Thank you again, Linda. You not only inspire me with your works, but with your replies as well.
    Peace to you


    1. Thank you. I did not know even three minutes before that I would write this morning. I had not “Godly Feelings”. A pain in my heart area brought my attention to the Present and I knew that there was some distress that I was not letting myself feel. In the process of wanting to heal, I began to write through the feelings, something that I find very revealing and cleansing though very humbling. I appeal and return to God at the end of every healing, personal, written and unwritten. It must be so. I am also concerned with a wish of mine not to drop a stone into the waters without offering some glimmer of the sparkling wave it makes. Love, Linda


  2. Linda, because “each moment” is a only an artificial measurement created by man, eternity is truly present in each heartbeat. All the “time” in the world for regaining hope and love and joy and peace. Love the way your lines speak to me of this.


  3. Oh, Linda, I’ve missed your elegant writing, since I’ve been gone. This is so beautiful and I know I’ve been “there” before, too, but how inspiring that your last line springs eternal hope~thank you for all of your prayers and support during this tough time for me…hugs and blessings, L


    1. It is so wonderful to hear your “voice” again! Yes, eternal hope and all illusion of separation and reality of worldly heart’s suffering does lead us back to the portal to the Eternal, there is no other Solace, Our juncture of Oneness and to me, the deepest Presence of what is eternal, rather than a “passing” evidence of what may appear as true. All my love to you! Linda


  4. I love that line–and the concept–that each heartbeat is gifted with Eternity’s Prayer. Never thought of it quite that specifically, poetically–thank you, Linda. Have a much-blessed day.


  5. Linda, a lovely poem, and such a good way to work through any difficulty – be it issues of health, the heart or of faith. Besides your beautiful poem, I especially loved this part of your response to Celeste … “not to drop a stone into the waters without offering some glimmer of the sparkling wave it makes.” – that is a stunning wish, I love that. Blessings to you, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xox


    1. Thank you, Julie. I also felt touched after that phrase fell out… It almost wanted its own poem, but seems it was a gift to Celeste. 😀 I will keep it near, as a underlying “note” to myself about writing. Love to you! Linda


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