Moments of Swept Away Care

photo: Vizceskaya

I can dream, I can dare,
in moments of swept away care

to imagine a new life
nestled away sweetly somewhere.

This heart would be there
dancing bare at its core.

Love would be gentle
and flow on ’till evermore

with sweet kisses nesting
where Its’ nectar did pour.

©2012 Linda Willows


8 thoughts on “Moments of Swept Away Care

  1. A lovely, delicate poem, Linda, with lingering sweetness and a longing that I could feel in your words. Very nice. ~ Love, Julie xox

  2. If that is how it could be! This is beautiful Linda, exquisite I think is the word, gentle too and loving. And the picture complements the poem so well, very dreamy and haunting – I love this.


  3. A heart dancing bare with nectar poring over it–unbelievable delicacy here, yet very powerful somehow! One of your very best I have read, Linda! I just love it!

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