Hold this Dear Mountain

Hold this Dear Mountain

My heart does long for a mountain to hold
with deep embrace and prayers that unfold
into the sweetened winds as all things are told.

Do you see the rock, the boulder, the tree?
They are each a friend, they are dear to me.
The  mountain waits. The ancients see.
They bid my heart. They set me free.

Rocky heights rush towards a heaven rare,
Oh Holy Spirit, I feel Thee there!
My Own is lifted, endowed in this air.

My soul soars throughout, like the wings of a dove
In embrace with the Earth,  held so rare, high above.
Nature’s shoulders keep vigil, They see, They love.
Oh, hold this dear Mountain, it is the Lord’s Trove.

©2012 Linda Willows


16 thoughts on “Hold this Dear Mountain

  1. Exceptional, with surreal sensory and imagery…..what a beautiful desire from your loving spirit…..thanks so much for touching us with your words and vision.
    many thanks and warm blessings


  2. Unusually beautiful celebration of a mountain and its treasures to satisfy our deep longings. Our Lord is recorded as speaking the longest from a mount. This is very significant to me. This moutainside photo in all its beauty points our soul’s eyes upwards to the light. Thank you, dear Linda.


  3. “Nature’s shoulders” – how absolutely beautiful … I long to hold the mountains too, I miss them so much, but for now, I hold them in my heart. Lovely, lovely poem, Linda ~ Julie xox


    1. Thank you Julie, I actually came up with that term out of love and a sense of Presence many years ago. Upon my own particular life experiences, as many that your heart may share, I seemed to open the circle of Heart and find embrace in life’s mysteries and beauties; all of God’s expression and love, in particular, Nature. I miss them too, I understand. Love to you, Linda


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