Prayer before Words Become

Prayer Before Words Become

If we could join our hearts as One,
Imagine what miracles
may unfold as done.

Oh, a world that might see
beyond the folds
of history’s binds and culture’s hold;

Come forth to free our Family.
‘Tis only we that do not see
this core of All that claims to “Be”.

The Breath that all inhale from One
speaks louder as Prayer before words Become.

©2012 Linda Willows

“May the blessings of God, the God of all Names, our Divine Creator, be with you, for you, within you, leading you and filling your life with Grace, Mercy, Love and Gratitude.”


18 thoughts on “Prayer before Words Become

  1. Fabulosity to the nth degree, dear Linda! “beyond the folds of history’s binds and culture’s hold;” there is where we could “punch through to” with hearts joined as one in a massive tsunami of love, peace, brotherhood, and goodwill!


  2. Beautiful words from such a beautiful soul. May your words touch the hearts of all as deeply as they have touched mine. ~ Julie xox


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