That Does Twine the Soul’s Mend

Though heaven and earth
draw me near in embrace
I stand alone in a paradise;
this still and solitude place.
It reveals to comfort
the many unseen,
ones like myself
with no thing,
or heart on which to lean.

Perhaps the rest
look into each others eyes and smile,
taking comfort
in the hue of reflected beguile.
They don’t know what it is
to live silence for such long while.

Joy does not end
with the twin heart’s bend.
We live on in a journey
that does twine the Souls mend
with Nature’s rebound
as she fills the heart’s cave
with the rush and the wind
of Loves Ceaseless Wave.

©2012 Linda Willows




22 thoughts on “That Does Twine the Soul’s Mend

    1. Thank you very much Brother James…your words mean very much, . I make no personal claims but I feel that you know this place. It is the peace after all wanting is lifted. It is not without fear but we can endure it. We are willing to Be in the great Silence; a communion between the acceptance of ourselves, though ever striving, is merged with God, God of all Names. God, our eternal Place and source, the Prompt of Love’s Ceaseless Wave, Waters of Blessing in eternal Pour.

  1. Linda,

    I really love this.

    I am not sure exactly what you intended to convey, but for me it speaks of thoughts around the difference between being alone and being lonely.

    Sometimes I can be alone and content in “this still and solitude place” and other times be with people and yet feel lonely…I think, maybe that is so for everyone. The thought that nature can “fill the heart’s cave” is a beautiful one – I will let her do just that.


    Christine x

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