Kept Inside, as Secrets Hide…Love Abides

Kept Inside, as Secrets Hide…Love Abides

In eternal hours’ wait, I have come to know
That you were my past, my memory long ago
I prayed to greet you once more in this life,
A moment, not missed, nor lost throughout strife.

I could not be cast in a shadow somewhere
yet the turnings and twists of this life left me there.
You might not have found me, or worse, not dared.
Such fate foreshadowed one I may not have bared.

I asked you to come forward to release my love’s tears,
Kept inside, as secrets hide – all through the years.
My heart held your place through the hours asking when

Fate would smile; God would grant, that I see you again.
The love that returned was a swift sword’s reward.
It shone, then dimmed and cut my heart’s cord.
A Merciful God released all hopes of you,

That Hours may live on and grant True Love through.
Peace tempered my longing, now waits only upon Thee.
At last my Heart is tended by a Higher Decree.
Memory even if “you” looked, you would no longer see “me”.

With God, my witness, my reach and my guide,
My heart’s tides are mended with grace inside,
Where secrets did hide, now deep Love abides.

©2012 Linda Willows


9 thoughts on “Kept Inside, as Secrets Hide…Love Abides

  1. Wow, Linda, this poem is filled with such poignancy – longing for love lost; regaining and then losing that love; and turning all over to God, trusting in Him to heal your heart and your life. Your words brought tears to my eyes, and touched me deeply. ~ Julie xox


  2. Linda, how totally wonderful this poem tells of honoring past love, honoring the beloved from the past, and going on to honor future loves and “letting go” to be ready to just love life in general every moment in the present. Your words,”A Merciful God released all hopes of you, That Hours may live on and grant True Love through.” are so respectful in their recognition of the source of enough grace to let go and live on. I celebrate with you Linda!


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