Such Circles We Breathe

Such Circles We Breathe

Come to me Lord, take my warm hands

You light my dreams, the nights

And the stars of all Lands.

If my heartbeat pauses

Or aches amidst its own Song

Tis that I feel other souls

In the chords stuck along

Such circles we breathe

In an infinite lore

I am one, yet with All

In Your Grace and Loves Adore.

©2012 Linda Willows


6 thoughts on “Such Circles We Breathe

  1. Linda, this is breathtakingly beautiful – it brought me to tears, and yet uplifted me at the same time. “If my heartbeat pauses, Or aches amidst its own Song, Tis that I feel other souls, In the chords stuck along…” – my dear friend, this is absolutely exquisite. ~ Julie


  2. I was going to make the observation that you seem to be in your circle period, until I realized I had read this poem yesterday.

    And liked it both times….


  3. This is especially lovely, as is your entire blog–wow, such soft images. Thank you for visiting my blog, which in turn sparked me to travel here. Have a blessed day.


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